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When you download a ZIP file of your results, the gwing.php script that generates the Gcode is included. You can use it on your local machine to regenerate the Gcode as follows:
To use it on your local machine
  • You need to install php-cli
  • You need to create a valid .ini file that gives the correct parameters for your wing (you have one in the ZIP file, use it as a guide)
  • You need to download the airfoil .dat files and put them in the same folder as the INI file and the gwing.php
  • You need to run the command 'php gwing.php ininame.ini' at the command line
If you don't know how to do any the above, please use this web page instead. Your settings are remembered between logins.

Quick and easy Gcode generator for XYUV CNC hot wire cutters.
Fill in the fields below and hit the generate button, download the Gcode and cut your wings.

This is an initial version and does not allow every possible choice you may want.
Input units must match what you chose in the Metric/Inch box, outputs will match too
Can do Swept wings

NOTE: only a few of the airfoils available in the list are suitable for model RC aircraft, do not just select one at random! There are many that are designed for supersonic flight, or high subsonic, that will not work well for models at all.
Rather visit web sites like and and select an appropriate airfoil.

Enter your data here
Model Name The name of your model, the files will carry this name
Wingspan The length of the wing in mm, (whole wing for taperless, half wingspan for tapered)
Root Length Length of root profile in mm
Tip Length Length of tip profile in mm
Trailing edge limit If > 0 the trailing edge will be limited to this thickness to prevent it tapering to a feather edge
Leading Edge Sweep How far back the tip is relative to the root
Gantry Length This is the distance between the points that the wire pivots upon on the 2 gantries
Root profile Choose from the list
Tip Profile Choose from the list - must have same number of points as the root (edit foils HERE)
Foam Chord The chord of the foam chunk - if a tapered wing, must be bigger than the root profile
Foam Thickness The thickness of the foam chunk, profile will be centered in this thickness
Feed Rate, units/min The feedrate to use when cutting, default 60mm/min
XY on the? Right
Which side is your XY gantry?
Metric or Imperial? mm
Choose Metric or imperial inputs and outputs

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