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Plotfoil is software for making, modifying and printing airfoils for model airplane use. It comes with 2 folders full of foil data files. You can get it from

The problem is that it is not easy to SEE the foils until after printing or generating a PDF and viewing that, and there are more than a thousand of them, so finding one that looks right (yeah, we do that don't we? Just look for one that looks like the one we saw onr some other nice flying model...) is a bit tricky. Of course we should be doing the science and picking the right file accordingly.

Anyhow, I wanted to see what they all look like without messing with PDF's etc, I thought a simple web page that lists all of them would do the trick. First I had to generate an image for each one, so I wrote some PHP that would read an airfoil .DAT file and spit out a PNG image of it. I even added a crude 'centerline' function (to be taken with a grain of salt!). And then I ran the image generator for all the files and found a bunch that could not be read for various reasons, mostly just syntax errors, so I fixed those as best I could.

So, the 2 folders full of .DAT files are below, and the pages will list them all in alphabetical order. You can download the DAT files here, as corrected by myself. WARNING: some of the files have obvious anomolies I cannot 'fix' because I have no idea what the true shape should be. Use of any of these files at your own risk.

More airfoils can be found on the web:

and many more with Google

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