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About a year ago (in Sept 2009) one of the local flyers got a Parkzone Vapor for his birhday. For a while he was the only regular indoor flyer. Recently, a second chap got a Vapor, and since then we have been having regular indoor flight sessions, either in the 8x18 meter church hall, or the basket ball court sized gym at a local school.

For myself I have built an IFO which is a kite frame with a motor and elevons. My wife gave me a Technone Mini Eagle for my birthday in 2010 which at this writing has not yet been built. Another member has a E-Flite Tensor 4D (and there is another one in construction).

Here is the Tensor in flight during a recent session in the gym. (Brad, click and save the big version)

I am hoping to build a mini Nutball (can you say 'foam pieplate'?), and something like a Parkzone Ember, and a BlueBaby trainer, just need to track down the electronics. We have this long windy season from August to December, you see....

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