Club Scenes 3 Oct 2009

Home Metalwork Radio Control

Some images and video from 3 Oct 2009, taken at the Grahamstown Radio Flyers field.
I believe this video was made in March 2010 by the Rhodes Media studies students.
Sadly I wasn't there that day...
ted and sam
Ted and his son Sam prep
wing in box
My wing in its 'flight stand'
Martins Stik
Manual taxi
Derek 'taxis' back to the flightline
Tiger Moth
Teds Tiger Moth which has a lovely sounding 4 stroke
in Shock
Dereks shock flyer, for light relief
Fly by wire Video
Video of Danie leaning to fly control line with his father in laws plane.
Stik takes off Video
Martin gets the Stik in the air
Tiger chasing Stik Video
The Tiger chases the Stik
Tiger landing Video
Tiger landed by Ted

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