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The other day when I was learning to program the DX6i I came across a possible issue, and a possible solution.

The issue is that while the radio has a flap switch, and a flap mix, it is just off/on. It might be nice, esp with a new plane where you have no idea what flap setting would be appropriate, to have in-flight adjustable flaps.

My solution, which applies to powerless models, is to reprogram the throttle lever as variable flaps. I programmed MIX1 as switched by the flap switch, and set up only down going percentage on the throttle lever. Thus it is possible to have flaps off (switch OFF) and the lever position doesn't matter, or switch in ON position, and use the throttle lever as variable flaps. Start with the lever centered for zero flap, and pull it down to lower the flaps. One can still add elevator to the mix if desired, though I'll have to do it again to recall exactly how I did it.(may have been the dedicated flap mix, may have been MIX2)

This arrangement makes more sense to me, in that the sudden application of full flaps is maybe not such a good idea for a learner like myself .

In this regard I like the FF6 transmitter, which has a small rotating knob for the flap (or other) mix.

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