Motor Mount Thrust Angles

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Here is a quick way to create templates for motor thrust angle mountings.

For full explanation and instructions, please visit the original creator at ruddym's rcgroups blog.

He created this wonderful tool as an XLS spreadsheet. I have merely converted it to a simple form based web page that can be used on any web enabled device.

Just enter your data, click 'Update' and print. Glue the 3 or 4 hole template to your firewall with the vertical line, um, vertical. Now drill for your motor mount on the angled lines, place the required shims in place, and mount your motor. Presto, instant thrust angles.

NOTE: This is based on the previous version of the tool and cannot do left or up thrust, if you need that you'll have to use the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Enter your data here
Down Angle °
Right Angle °
Distance between flange holes (mm)


Down Thrust Angle 
Right Right Angle 
Distance Between Flange Holes14 mm 
 3 Hole4 Hole
Hole location from top 33.75°-11.25°78.75°
Approx shim thickness1.7mm1.9mm1.9mm

3 Hole template

4 Hole template

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