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In this article I will attempt to detail how to use a KK5.5 (from here [1]) compatible quad copter stabilizaer board with the Arduino programming enviroment. I did this because while I am a paid programmer, I now have so many languages in my head I am loathe to try and add yet another. Since I use PHP a lot, using the Arduino IDE with it's 'C'-like language is the easiest route to microcontroller happiness.

Why the KK5.5?

Because I have one. Simple really. I can get an Arduino Uno for about R220, and a KK5.5 for about the same. But, the KK5.5 has some extra hardware on the board that is handy for the kind of stuff I'm thinking of doing. 3 gyro sensors, and 3 pots, right there ready to use. An LED wired up. A bunch of 3 pin servo headers too, not necessarily to be used on servos, and of course the ISP header for easy flashing, which can also serve as a LCD display connector. 2 spare analog inputs, which can be used with a little soldering

Install Arduino 1.1
Tweak Arduino IDE
link to tweak
boards tweak
add library
Test code
1 second blink sketch

I doubt they will be available for much longer since the maker no longer lists it as a product, though the manual is in the manual downloads section. However, since it is really a KK 5.5 (not 2.0 as represented on the Wifly web site) you can build your own.

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