CNC + Phlatscript = wow

Home Metalwork Radio Control

I've been planning to build some sort of CNC milling aparatus for a long time. This project got front burnered a few weeks ago due to a conversation with another modeller.

Thus I have ordered the electronics for driving steppers (kit AB134 from, sifted through boxes in the garage for the steppers, come up with a basic plan, and done a whole bunch of internet browsing about the subject.

One of the things I came across was Phlatboyz which sells the Phlatprinter kit (I WISH!) and gives away the Phlatscript which is an extention to Google Sketchup. This combo of Sketchup and Phlatscript is surely the easiest possible way for anyone to create Gcode for cutting plane parts on any CNC machine, check it out!

Along the way I noticed the need for Phlatscript to output metric Gcode so I did the mods and you can get them here until they get merged into the base code.

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